What is the Fashion Fit Formula?

We all know a woman who always looks perfectly put together.
Whether in a social setting or a high-powered business meeting, she immediately has an advantage. If you have ever wanted the casual ease of that self assured look, the Fashion Fit Formula will provide you with the secret!

Each designer's ready to wear clothing line is based on a standard perfectly linear (vertical) proportioned woman.
The problem of course is that each one uses a different standard. For one designer the ideal woman is 5 feet 6 inches tall, another may choose a 6 foot standard model. As a result, most of us are wearing clothing that was meant for someone else.

Understanding Clothing and Linear Proportion
The model in the middle is the perfect linear (vertical) standard. There is an equal distance between all of her pivotal body parts. We have measured over 10,000 women and found only 22 with the ideal linear figure. All three of the figures wear the same size dress. Notice how the waist only hits the perfect model at the right place, and skirt hem goes from micro-mini to street length.
When you use your Fashion Fit Formula, you will take all the guesswork out of your clothing purchases. Since your vertical proportions are based on your bone structure, they will remain the same throughout your life. Thus your Fashion Fit Formula is a timeless tool!

This cost-effective investment will result in you saving thousands of dollars by transforming your current wardrobe and making new clothing purchases that will flatter you every time.


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