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"I took a drive to KC this afternoon since the weather was so nice and I picked up my mink coat that I told you I had hemmed. I put it on and I can hardly believe how taking about 4 1/2 inches off the bottom hem transformed the whole coat. It looks like the entire coat has been 'adjusted' to fit and only thing done was the hem. Seems like sleeves and shoulders even fit/look better. It's below my knee because of the formality of the coat but looks soooo....much better ! And my other story is this: when I drive up to the cleaners and the young lady sees me through the window arriving with an armload of stuff and a 'list' she doesn't even wait till I get in the door anymore before she calls the alteration lady to the front desk. She says she sees me with my 'list' in hand and knows what I am there for so gets right with it :):):) I think I'm just about caught up ( then I find something else !). Wore a necklace to church today that I had boldly cut, shortened to your suggested length and reattached the clasp... costume jewlery so perfect to practice on. Take care and I hope my stories are encouraging to you and to your staff who help so many of us. Not trying to bore you;just letting you know 'it works' !"

S, Kansas

"As soon as I received the mail I tried to adjust a 3/4 sleeve jacket that I love but I always felt was "not so right", and I can really say that the difference was stunning!

The sleeve I rolled inside to simulate your measurement made me look like I was, I don't know how to say it, simply PERFECT. My eyes went up and down all around my image in the mirror and it was like a sense of feeling "peace and joy" because everything was at the right place. Instead, looking at the other sleeve (the wrong one) I felt awful, because of the feeling that something was out of place.

As soon as I will check my skirt and pants I will let you know. However, I think you are a genius, this is truly an Oscar winning idea! Because it made possible for every woman to feel good and see herself so much more beautiful at a little price doing something without the need of a doctor!"

Arianna (Italy)

"It has been a pleasure to welcome the Fashion Fit Formula into my Curves facilities. My members have thoroughly enjoyed and have been amazed at the information they received from your seminars; information that could turn their own wardrobe into the fashion most flattering for them. Many have been relieved to finally understand fashion and how it relates to their personal proportions through vertical measurements. Given the tool of Fashion Fit Formula, our members are now able to look good in a wardrobe focused on their assets. I am personally delighted with my Fashion Fit Formula chart. I no longer have to guess at what will look best on me I have the formula that tells me.

The Fashion Fit Formula is a natural complement to the Curves program. Our women work hard to strengthen their bodies and improve their health and, naturally, want to look their best in the clothes they wear. My members are anxious to attend our upcoming seminars as the word is spreading. By providing our membership with new and exciting information, they are motivated and encouraged to work harder and consistently at the Curves program designed especially for them."

Mindy Jenkins, Owner
Westminster, Cockeysville and Middletown, MD Curves

"I loved the Fashion Fit Formula so much I sent a recommendation in to the Oprah show for them to do a segment on the Fashion Fit Formula. It is such an amazing process and it certainly deserves to be on the show. I know it will transform the lives of millions of women when it airs. I could easily submit more that 2000 characters on its virtues!

You know for me personally, it has given me something I always wanted - to look like a women with an inherent sense of fashion and style. - Thank you."

Adrienne A Ross, Edmonton, AB, Canada

"Fashion Fit Formula has turned out to be a great boon for my image-based business and supplements the work I do with style, shape and color analyses. I am always seeking to incorporate diagnostic tools which are qualitative and meaningful and give my clients real information they can "walk away with" and refer back to when they are shopping or altering their wardrobe. The service is an ongoing godsend and totally validates the need for proper proportion and fit. I also love the business opportunity and provided with offering this product. It not only makes me look professional and gives my advice credence, but is is a truly profitable addition to my business. FFF had elevated my professional status with to my clients and given my the principles of image real and tangible."

Catherine Schuller
CurveStyle: Reshaping Fashion

"Definitely made a difference in my clothing and in the clothing that I make for others. I am in the process of using my specs to change all of my clothing. They look better on me than ever before."

Annie, Baltimore, Maryland.

"Thank you for introducing me to my Fashion Fit Formula, I certainly look better and did not have to purchase many items. I am constantly asked if I have lost weight. I had a large box of clothing to give away. When I got my formula, I put them back on and had my teenage daughter pin them to my Fashion Fit Formula results. With less than $125 spent on alterations, I was able to save over $1,000 in clothing I would have thrown away. Thanks again."

Jane Coventon, Dallas, Texas

"I was PLEASANTLY surprised when I received my Fashion Fit Formula solution. I converted some hand-me down (hip length) jackets that I doubt I would have ever worn (without knowing why) into crop jackets that sit at my waist (hip area is a no-no area for me and waist can be emphasized). The difference was "boring" to "high fashion". For $20 I have an outfit that I would have happily bought for $200 in the store as it looks so good on me!

I only have the $99 "level" please send me more information about the $250 upgrade."

Adrienne Ross, New York City, NY

"When you explained in your seminar, that to achieve a goal, sometimes you need to change your look so that people will notice you, I thought why not? Why not indeed!

Within two weeks of having my clothes altered according to my solution, to everyone's surprise I made the short list of consideration for the position of Director! Two weeks later I got the promotion! Within the next few days, I asked around as to what had been the turning point in my appointment the answer: You always looked so confident, and in charge! Thanks to you!"

Linda Sullivan, Miami, Florida

"I've used the chart as a tool for my tailor to utilize. It's cut down the time it takes to have the clothes fitted and now I am never disappointed with the results. It's very helpful. I'm a petite so nothing really fits off the shelf."

Michelle Bonn ,President
Expedient Trade, LLC
Amherst, NY 14226

"The Fashion Fit Formula has certainly helped me "dress the best". I always wondered why there were certain things in my closet that I liked, but never wore. Knowing how to wear your clothes makes such a big difference in how you look and feel. Now when I buy clothes, I keep my measurements with me and it has saved me a lot of time and money knowing exactly what looks best for me. I would recommend having measurements done for everyone."

Kathy Reents, Vice President, SAIC, Annapolis, Maryland

"I had my consultation this year. I keep my card in my car's glove compartment so it is available to me when I shop. Having it has added to my confidence in what I invest in my clothing. My wardrobe is a part of my work and success as a business owner. I think the Fashion Fit Formula product is extremely valuable to professional and business owner women as well as any woman who has ever wondered, "Is this right for me?"

Thank You, Collete McFie, PhD, Tampa, FL

"Cannot believe the difference the formula has made in my life! Do you realize that I can actually talk in public now. I never could before. But I feel so empowered when I look great in my clothing. I'm going to give the formula as a gift to my boss."

Beverly Greene, Waldorf, MD

"The difference the formula has made for me is hard to define. I just look more put together, feel much better about myself and since I've had my clothing altered according to the specifications, it seems like I buy much less. I love it when people ask me if I've lost weight."

Regina Forte, Townsen, MD

"Thank you for your work with the Hospice fund raiser. I am still amazed at having watched you in action with the models. If I hadn't seen it myself, I'm not sure I would have believed it. The difference you made in the clothing, just by shortening a hem on a jacket, or skirt was like magic. The models were thrilled with their solutions."

JoAnn Kohut, Waldorf, MD

"Just wanted to let you know that it has been nearly 2 years since I became a Fashion Fit Formula convert. You were right, I have applied my solution to all of my clothing and didn't have to shop for nearly a year. I saved enough to put a very good down payment on a house!"

Diana Hester, CPA, Severna Park, MD

"I love the Fashion Fit Formula, it has made a significant difference in my appearance. People are asking if I've lost weight. Since m fiancé and I are saving for a wedding, he is suspicious about all my "new clothes". Fortunately, I learned how to sew as a child."

Kathleen Bankcroft, London, Ontario

"When I applied the results of my chart to my navy blue suit, I certainly had my doubts. But the results of the alterations were unbelievable. I looked thinner, taller and more in command. That is very important when you are a litigator."

Claire Buchner, Esquire
Greenbelt, MD

"I do use my formula results all the time. I am thrilled with how I look. It encouraged me to stay on my ercercise program and I am losing weight. I am almost as thin as the Fashion Fit Formula makes me look."

Pam Cannon, Cambridge, MA

"I couldn't let another day go by without telling you how much I am enjoying my Fashion Fit Formula. It is such a relief to understand why clothes look they way they do when I wear them. I look 100% better in my clothes. Thank you again."

Elizabeth Whitaker, Severna Park, MD

"I had my consultation last month. I wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I keep it in my glove compartment so it is available, whenever I go shopping. Having my formula, has added to my confidence in what I invest in my clothing. I think the product of the Fashion Fit Formula is extremely valuable to professional women, or any woman who has ever wondered "Is this right for me?"

Collette McKie, PhD, Tampa, Florida

"I absolutely love the Fashion Fit Formula Portfolio. It gave me some good information in addition to my personal measurements. I could always tell when something didn't look good on me, but these measurements make it all so much simpler. Instead of having to purchase ( I do a lot of my buying through the internet, waiting for it to be shipped, and then finally trying it on to see if it is a complimentary length,) I can now order it in the right length. Knowing how long something needs to be allows me to save money on shipping back my returns. I only order what will fit properly. And so many of the hints in the personalized book are right on the mark. Again, things that you quite often would do anyways, but I now understand WHY those are the correct choices. Things aren't left up to chance anymore.

I definitely benefited form this product and have recommended it to my friends and business associates."

Rita Spirak, Annapolis, MD

"20 Years ago, I discovered the Color Me Beautiful system that made it easy to look my best by wearing the right colors for my skin tone. Everything in my closet goes with everything else because I only buy clothes in MY colors. Now, an equally important concept - The Fashion Fit Formula - is making sure that all my clothes are the right proportions for my body. I will be telling all my friends and family to watch the two videos on www.youtube.com and then go right to the Fashion Fit Formula website to order their measurement chart!"

Julia C. Taylor, West Falmouth, MA

"I received my FFF chart via e-mail and am totally impressed with how it works. I've been sewing for years without this valuable knowledge. Now I am so pleased with my efforts and it has cut the fitting time."

Terry Jerden, Plano, Texas

"I am a busy physician with a demanding patient load and administrative responsibilities that takes me to into the business community. I need to be comfortable, professional looking and self-confident in what ever setting I find myself. I also want to spend as little time as possible buying and putting together my wardrobe. For me, shopping is a time consuming chore that was made even worse by anxiety about whether or not what I was buying would be flattering. Thanks to Pivotal Impression and the Fashion Fit Formula I can now quickly assemble flattering, professional outfits that take me through every day. It is impossible to put a price on the self confidence and sense of freedom I gained from Pivotal Impression - it is one of the best investments I have made!"

Dr. Robinson, MD, Annapolis, MD

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help at the National Publicity Summit, which was held in February 2005, in New York City.

Introducing the Fashion Fit Formula to the attendees was such an exciting experience, since there was so much enthusiasm for your product. Attending the event were 500 authors and entrepreneurs as well as over 80 media representatives from across the nation.

During one of the panel discussions, the question came up, "What are the biggest mistakes you can see people who are trying to get media publicity, make? The answer from the media panel guest was "Most people are not aware of the way they look in their clothes. Their image does not match their expertise."

Afterwards, many of the attendees flocked to the Pivotal Impressions booth to get measured. The word was out that their careers depended on their professional image that they needed to project.

Your product bought peace of mind to those who have wasted money on clothes that are ill fitting and unflattering. Once my clients have their portfolio in hand, they can shop and be confident that they will always look good and feel good about their appearance!"

JoJami Tyler, President, Mode Image

"It was such a pleasure meeting you. When I first heard about the Fashion Fit Formula, I knew I had to get this product. It adds credibility to what I do as an image consultant and answers that all-important question "why". Now when a client asks about a skirt, pant or jacket length, I can answer "why with the certainty that I have a scientific proof provided by the Fashion Fit Formula.

As well, I believe the Fashion Fit Formula is a great way to increase the business of any image consultant. It gives us a foot in the door and provides added value to our wardrobe consultations. In addition to assessing clothing for fit, style, colour, fashion, lifestyle, personality, we cab add perfect linear proportion. It's something that can give a client that instant "wow" factor to boost their self-image and self-confidence.

I think the Fashion Fit Formula is an amazing invention. I believe it reinforces what we do, provides credibility but ultimately increases our professionalism. As to me, professionalism is paramount to success."

Anne K. Sowden, AICI CIP
President, AICI Toronto Chapter


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