Are you a victim of Closet Guilt?

When getting dressed do you frequently feel you don’t have the right thing to wear?

How much time do you spend every morning thinking about what you are going to wear?

Even with a closet full of clothing, do you find yourself wearing the same outfits on a regular basis?
Have you ever used a credit card to buy clothes?

Do you ever buy a new outfit, only to wear it a few times because you felt frumpy in it? Does it get pushed to the back of your closet?

Do you wish you looked better in your clothing?

If you added up the amount of money you spent on clothing that you hang in your closet unworn, would it be over $200, $300, $400? More? Now if you add last year’s amount, and the year before, what would you do with that money now?

It may comfort you to realize that the average American woman wears only 20 to 30% of her wardrobe. This represents a tremendous waste of time, frustration and finances with the 70% of unworn garments. Learn how Fashion Fit Formula can break the cycle .

Eventually, the closet is cleaned out. Then the “Rarely Worn Garments” find themselves either given away or sold at a garage sale for a pittance.

The Fashion Fit Formula Saves the Day. Apply your solution to the unworn outfits and have a new wardrobe!


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