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What is the Fashion Fit Formula?

Fashion Fit Formula





Leonardo da Vinci is credited with determining the perfect proportion of man. The length of the head and torso equal the length of the legs.

In this perfect specimen, the sections of the body can be broken into eight equal lengths. By looking at the famous lithograph of the artists rendering, it is possible to determine the various angles with in the circle that verify the man's perfection.

Unfortunately, Less Than A Fraction of One Percent
of the Population Has This Skeletal Frame

Almost everyone else has an unique bone structure. Over 10,000 people have been measured, 22 had perfectly proportioned skeletal frames, with the exception of identical twins, every one else had different bone measurements.

Everyone’s body
is unique!

The Fashion Fit Formula is a series of mathematical equations and algorithms that takes the measurements of your body and produces a solution, which makes you appear taller, thinner, more in command and powerful.